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About Dr. Karamooz

In the fight against prostate problems, arm yourself with the most powerful weapon you can find. A doctor who REALLY CARES


Curriculum Vitae & Educational Accomplishments


These are just a few of Dr. Karamooz’ amazing accomplishments and honors, but no matter how many awards and degree’s he receives, the one thing that speaks the loudest about Dr. Karamooz is his practice and his patient base.  His dedicated service and his knowledge in the area of Urology is immense, and he takes pride in the work he does and he truly cares for the patients he treats.  He is just about a part of every medical professional group there is such as the Western Section, American Urological Association or the American Board of Urology. He has degrees and certificates from institutions such as UCLA, New Jersey School in Newark, Harvard and so many others.  His educational background is second to none; but the most important thing is all the education he received was in preparation for any situation he may run into as a medical professional, and he is well prepared.


421 E. Angeleno Ave, Suite 202 | Burbank CA, 91501 | Tel: (818) 845 - 6300 |

16661 Ventura Boulevard Suite 822, Encino, CA, 91436 Tel: (818) 728 - 1400



After Medical school, Dr. Mansoor Karamooz was drafted and spent six months in training at Camp Jandarmeri.  He became the number one physician there and he was then appointed to the position of Chief of Emergency at Jandarmeri General Hospital, Tehran’s most prominent Military Medical Facility.  Later on, he was honored and invited to meet the Shah of Iran for all of his medical and military achievements.  The Shah of Iran bestowed upon Dr. Karamooz the special logo designed for the Shah’s Crown Gold Cufflink and Medal similar to the Presidential Medal. The Shah’s advisors, evaluated Dr. Karamooz’ medical experience and qualifications and by the recommendation of the Shah, he was placed as the physician to the very private and modern hospital used only by the Royal family and their staff.  He served as a physician in that hospital for two years proudly under the Shah.  After several visits from the Shah of Iran at the facility, the Shah honored Dr. Karamooz with a monthly scholarship.  In 1973, Dr. Karamooz received special recognition from the Shah and was giving six years of leave to attend a very comprehensive and highly academic Medical training in the area of Urology and kidney transplantation in the United States.  From 1973-1979, Dr. Karamooz attended such Universities as the New Jersey University of Medicine, the Cleveland Clinic and Harvard Medical School.

After the Iranian Revolution, Dr. Karamooz was appointed as the Chief of Urology at College Hospital/New Jersey School of Medicine. He also served the VA Hospital in East Orange New Jersey where he was the Chief of Kidney Transplanttion.  In 1983 he was appointed as the Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Drew Medical School/ Martin Luther King Hospital in los Angeles.  He is still serving this academic institute as a humanitarian and volunteer.  Dr. Karamooz has been serving the Los Angeles Community in the Field of Urology for over 30 years in his private practice.


Mansoor Karamooz, MD, is board certified in urology with a specialty in kidney transplantation.  He was a Special fellow in kidney trasplntation and renal vascular surgery at the most prestigious and highly academic institution Cleveland clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. For more than 30 years, Dr. Karamooz has combined advanced urology techniques with warm, personal care.  He has extensive training in all areas of urological problems, with a special emphasis in urinary bladder problems in women and prostate issues with men.  His clinical areas of expertise include kidney transplant, urological cancer diagnosis and treatment, thermotherapy and laser treatment for enlarged prostate.  He is a Fellow of the International College of Surgeons, member of the American Urological Association, member of the American Academy of Urology and the Cleveland Clinic Alumni.  He also serves as Assistant Professor of Surgery (Martin Luther King Jr.) in Los Angeles since 1983.

Dr. Mansoor Karamooz showed signs of high cognitive thinking even at a young age as he was the top student of his graduating High School class in the entire province of Khorasan, the largest province in Iran which consists of fifteen cities and hundreds of High Schools.  He earned one of the top fifty scores in the whole country on his National Medical exams (which is comparative of our MCAT) in Iran in the year he took it and was subsequently offered acceptance to the most prestigious Academic University in Iran, Tehran Medical School. Upon his graduation from Tehran Medical school in 1970, he was named the distinguished graduate throughout his seven long years at the university.  This is equivalent to graduating Summa Cum Laude in the United States.